FAQs & Tips

What should we wear?

 If you are wanting to be in the photo-shoot. Please make sure you are a black shirt, White shirt & bring an extra outfit, just in case of an accident (happens more times than not). Please keep in mind, these are professional photos, therefore treat them like professional photos. No hoodies, ball caps, logos on shirts will be accepted in my studio.

If you have girls under 3-4yrs old – I will provide the outfits & But also bring one outfit of your own. Neutral colors.

If you have boys, please bring them in jeans. Shirts – Neutral colors, no Logos.

Usual the boys are shirtless anyways and the girls are either wrapped, rompers or plain white tank top.

Bring something to do:

 Newborn sessions can be really long. Most of the times I won’t need your help. So bring your laptop, a book and something to do while you sit for 2-3, sometimes 4 hours. If you have other children coming, I usual advise that one parent takes the kids out for lunch and bring them back at the end of the session for their photos.

 My studio is HOT

So it’s really important to me to warn parents of this before their arrival. I always suggest you dress lightly.

Babies Clothing:

 Bring baby in a button-up or zip-up sleeper. Preferably a loose fitting one. One of the worst things is when baby arrives sleepy in his/her car seat and then I have to remove shoes and socks, pants, and take a shirt off over their heads – which almost always wakes them up. Instead, it’s so, so simple to zip down and slip off pajamas while baby remains asleep! And if the pajamas are loose-fitting, then ideally there won’t be many lines left behind on the baby’s skin.

DO NOT forget the pacifier

If the baby takes a pacifier, you can trust me that you’ll want it there during the session! If baby doesn’t take a pacifier, I would advise to bring one anyways, just for the session. But again, this is all your choice.

Keep Baby Full:

 Make sure baby has full tummy before you leave the house and come to my studio. This way, assuming your drive isn’t too long, the baby will still be full and will probably sleep in the car. I can immediately get started on the session when you arrive and hopefully get an hour or two of photos done before baby needs a feeding break. Also, feeding them as often as you can for about 10-12 hours before yours session will ensure that baby is really full and will be more likely to have a long, sleepy stretch.


Keep Baby Awake:


I recommend keeping your baby up a 2-3 hours before the session. If the baby has slept all morning and then arrives to my studio, they just might be ready for a long awake period, which makes the job of getting them sleepy all that much harder.

Nursing Moms

For nursing Moms, be sure you are careful what you eat a couple days prior to the session. Any woman who has nursed a baby knows that any sort of spicy foods can make the baby uncomfortable or upset their tummy. And an upset tummy will always mean lots of crying and no sleeping. Avoid spicy foods, or any foods the baby may have allergies to, at all costs!